We offer an array of options for coating pipe bends. We supply holiday-free polyethylene (YJ and UB) coated pipe bends as well as several types of post-bend spray-on coating, both external and internal. Compass Bending also provides tape wrap, shrink sleeves and polyurethane foam insulation. Insulated bends can be provided with tape, shrink sleeves or hardshell (spray-on polyurea) as the outside layer. We can supply coating materials and patch kits to ship to site for repairs and for covering field joints.

Coating product

Maximum service temperature

Epoxies (preferred)Denso Protal 720085°C / 185°F
Epoxies (also available)3M Scotchkote 134113°C / 235°F
Denso Protal 7900121°C / 250°F
Devoe Devchem 253 (internal)149°C / 300°F
Enviroline 415 (internal)149°C / 300°F
Novocoat Novolac R-200100°C / 212°F
Novocoat SC2200200°C / 392°F
SPC SP 2888RG80°C / 176°F
SPC SP 388895°C / 203°F
SPC SP 8888150°C / 302°F
Tape wrap (preferred)Renfrew RenWrap 33085°C / 185°F
Polyken 90066°C / 150°F
Tape wrap (also available)Polyken 93466°C / 150°F
Renfrew RenWrap 30071°C / 160°F
Stopaq CZHT / HTPP system95°C / 203°F
Shrink sleevesCanusa K-6060°C / 140°F
Canusa GTS-8085°C / 185°F (<16″ø)
Raychem WPCT86°C / 187°F
Polyethylene (Yellow Jacket, Ultrabond)Perma-Pipe Ultrabond RA (UBRA)60°C / 140°F
Shaw YJ (“YJ1”)60°C / 140°F
Shaw YJ2K85°C / 185°F
InsulationPolyurethane foam half-shells *– over: YJ, UBRA, tape, epoxy
– top coat: tape, shrink sleeves, polyurea spray
* standard and custom thicknesses
* available with heat trace channels


  • Prior to coating, pipe bends are prepared with sand blasting to SSPC-SP6 or SSPC-SP10 depending on coating requirements.
  • Appropriate primers are applied as required (e.g. prior to tape wrap).
  • All coated bends (including YJ and UB pipe) are patched if necessary and holiday tested before shipping.
  • We will bend Perma-Pipe Ultrabond IIISE (UB IIISE) only by special request with a waiver.
  • YJ1 and UBRA coated bends are patched with K60 shrink sleeves. YJ2K and UB IIISE coated bends are patched with GTS-80 shrink sleeves. We can also use Stopaq wrapping products for patching when required.
  • We can supply shrink sleeves and epoxy patch kits for site repairs and field joints.
  • We can supply insulation half-shells, shrink sleeves, and tape wrap to be shipped loose to site for field installation.
  • We keep the coating manufacturers’ spec sheets on file as well as installation guides, general information, and MSDS sheets. Call us for copies.
  • All coatings applied by us come with quality assurance inspection reports.