Do you do small jobs?
Yes. We are doing small jobs all the time, some of them for tiny parts and small quantities.

Do you only do work for businesses?

No. We work for individuals for personal projects as well as what we do for businesses.

Can I supply my own material?

Yes. We can supply material but will work with yours if that’s your preference. If you like, we can quote material and labour separately so you can decide if you’d want us to supply material or not.

Do you only work with steel?
No. We work with almost all metals, including carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper, brass, spring steel, and many others.

Do you do any fabrication or only bending?
We do some fabrication, mostly in steel, but we can also weld aluminum. We also offer stud-welding for concrete anchors and some machining services in our in-house machine shop. These extra capabilities make it easier for our customers to do one-stop shopping.

Do you ship to customers outside of Calgary?
Yes. We will ship almost anywhere but the majority of our work is for customers in western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba).

Can you handle big projects?
Absolutely. We have done many large jobs, including ones with hundreds or thousands of pieces. We have also made large-scale bends that took an entire 53-foot flat-deck trailer to ship just one.

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